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I have a new Trust Bank Account, what do I do in SILQ?

Many clients assume you need to create a new ledger in SILQ, however this is necessary.

Changing your Trust Bank Account is very common especially for the reason of moving to a new bank.

Assuming your entity has not changed and all funds are being transferred to the new bank account then you do not need a new ledger in SILQ, you simply need to update the bank details. Updating these details in SILQ is a very simple process. Follow these instructions: Updating Trust Bank Account Details.

If you are changing any entity details but the business ownership is not changing e.g. perhaps you re-branded and changed your business name or something similar, you can still use the above steps if all funds are being transferred to the new account. However, you will also need to update your entity details in your datafile. Follow these instructions: Updating Company details.

If, on the other hand, the change you are making is a larger change meaning you need to keep two trust accounts running you will need to create a new datafile. For this, please call SILQ Sales.