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Entering Two Identical Receipts or Withdrawals

As a measure to ensure you do not enter duplicate trust transactions incorrectly, SILQ stops you from entering identical receipts or withdrawals.

There are many instances where SILQ clients enter a duplicate transaction because perhaps they were interrupted by a colleague or a phone call, have forgotten they already entered the trust transaction and then attempt to enter again incorrectly. This happens more often than we at SILQ expected, as such, we have set up block that stops duplicate transactions from being entered.

That said, there are instances where duplicate transactions are relevant. For example, a client has hit their send limit from their bank and have split the transactions into equal amounts e.g. 2 x $5,000 transactions. 

In this instance, all you need to do is to make a small change to the description. Something very simple like a full stop, space, comma etc and SILQ will allow it to go through.