Statutory Deposits and Receipts
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Entering a Statutory Receipt

To add a Statutory Receipt into SILQ do the following:

Note: This is for money that has been received from the Law Society back into your own trust account.

First, navigate to the Trust Money window, by clicking on Trust Money in the Favourites Bar, then click on Statutory Receipt (from Law Society) in the Extras section of the Top Toolbar. This will open up the Add Statutory Receipt window. In this window you are essentially entering a transfer of funds from the Law Society by completing this transaction.

When receiving monies back into your Trust Account via a Statutory Receipt, the procedure is exactly the same as the procedure for entering a Statutory Withdrawal, but in reverse.

However, please note: the window that SILQ will open for you is titled Add Statutory Receipt. Refer to this article to see how to enter the details in this window.

An example of this window can be seen below.