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Trust End of Month

As part of the Law Society requirements you are required to provide a number of reports at time of Trust Audit. The great news is that SILQ generates all of these for you so you remain compliant!

As part of your trust account you must perform an end of month once a calendar month is complete.

To complete an end of month, click on the Accounts menu in the Top Toolbar and then click on End of Month in the Extras section. You will be taken to the Trust End of Month window.

You will be presented with the To Do tab, which will display a list of outstanding items you need to complete before you can close your end of month. If the items listed have been successfully completed then there will be a Yes in the left hand completed column. If not it will have a No.

When you do have a Complete: No take note of the instructions SILQ is giving you as that will tell you what is remaining to be done before you can complete the End of Month. Please note, the reason we do this is because of The Law Society requirements and to help you stay compliant.

An example of something you may have to do for the June 30 End of Month is to print out the Trust Statements for matters that have Trust Money in them. If that is what SILQ is telling you, simply follow these instructions:

1. Tag all of the incomplete items that mention that issue

2. click on process tagged

3. SILQ will then ask you if you want to change the last statement date - you need to click on yes

4. You will then get the date range option and it should already say June 30

5. It will then generate the statement and give you the option to automatically email it to the client

6. This will be repeated for each matter that needs this done to it